The Family: A New Year’s Resolution - Feast of the Holy Family

December 31, 2017

Why is there a famine of love in our country? The answer is simple and clear: we have become so self-absorbed and we have made work, money and material things our false gods. We have forgotten the basic foundationsal pillars of society: faith and family. God Himself chose to come among us not as some sort of space alien that stepped off of a cosmic space ship, not as some sort of mysterious guru discovered in a mountain cave, but rather a member of a human family, with all that it entails. Is it any wonder, then, that our Church pays close and reverential attention each year at this time to all that it means to be family? A good resolution for the new year would be a firm commitment to get back to basics:  have dinner every night as a family, attend church every Sunday as a family and stop working on Sundays so that you can spend time together.