Dare to Leave the Boat - 19th Sunday in OT

August 13, 2017

The existential philosopher, Søren Kierkegarrd, called the decision to follow Jesus a leap of faith, like jumping off the cliff. One could not play it safe and follow Christ; rather we must be willing to risk it all. St. Peter would call it leaving the boat. But the time to play it safe is over. We must risk it all for the sake of Christ. Are there some fears that cause you to be disillusioned and keep you from risking it all for Christ? Could it be that you have allowed those fears to become greater than they really are? Are problems distracting you from the source of your power? Do doubts nag at you and keep you from learning to trust Christ? Whatever it is, the One greater than fears, problems, and doubts is here! Jesus is waiting on you to believe in Him and risk it all. Come on, leave the boat and walk on the water. Jesus says you can do it! Listen to Fr. Cooper’s Sunday Homily and dare to get out of the boat!


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